How to Save Time While Editing In Lightroom

Free Training: How Can I Save Time While Editing In Lightroom?

Editing with Presets, Brushes & Graduated Filters in Lightroom

Thank you so much for attending. We had such a wonderful time and enjoyed all of the fantastic questions at the end, too. Be sure to watch it through to the end, so you can check out the Q&A session also.

During the webinar Amanda shared:

  • How to install presets, as well as how to create a shortcut so the next time  you install presets it will be quicker.
  • How to edit images with presets, both for a "clean edit" and a special creative look.
  • How to create a snapshot to capture an image at that moment in time, so you can go back to it later in the edit process.
  • How to use brushes in general, and how to use Pretty Preset brushes to correct local problems in the image.
  • How to export the edited images, and apply a watermark for sharing online.

A little tip she shared which she encouraged everyone to write down : "Don't judge a preset by the preview." This means, don't think a preset definitely won't work on an image just by how it looks in the navigator panel when you mouse over the preset. Many times the preset will look fantastic on an image, after tweaking one or two things, like exposure or contrast. 

Top Lightroom Presets Used:

The collections she used during the training were

These all work in Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and the Creative Cloud, except the Luminous Collection, which works in all but Lightroom 4.