How to Edit Skin Tones in Lightroom

Mastering Skin Tones | Free Lightroom Video Tutorial

Mastering Skin Tones in Lightroom

We're so excited to share the replay from Sunday! We hope this will be an encouragement to you as you use Lightroom to edit and improve skin tones.

Start to 31:15 Editing Skin Tones and White Balance including fixing reds on faces, blemishes and using the clone and healing tool.

31:22 to 36:03 Adding Color Splash to image, showing how it improved skin tones to image and learning about snapshots

36:36 to 45:00 Working with presets and adjusting presets (temp, tint and white balance)

45:02 to 49:04 to Soft Proofing, Histogram, Shades of skin, Red, Blue and Green values

49:05 to 51:04 about snapshots and exporting

51:05 to 54:18 using presets or brushes first and fixing white balance

54:40 to 59:08 fixing white balance on a group image

59:20 to 1:00:06 chapped lips and dry skin, clone and healing tool

1:00:19 to 1:01:00 starting out with photography, what should I start out with

1:00:01 to 1:07:27 showing how the presets apply to images from Fine Art Film and Pretty Pastels (Retirement Bundle)

Collection shared during training:

Enjoy the Mastering Skin Tones in Lightroom Now!

Mastering Skin Tones | Free Lightroom Video Tutorial